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IFMA members please follow the simple steps to "Post A Job" within the Current Job Postings section. Upon completion of the posting, please contact Laurie Giller at and she will arrange for you to receive $10,000 IFMA Bucks for each posting. There is no limit on the number of Facilities related positions you can post on the website.

This section will keep members updated on the marketplace in Chicago and the facilities management industry in general. If you would like to contribute by submitting an article, reference a new FM recruiter, or letting us know of a new network or job site, please contact Laurie Giller and earn $5,000 IFMA Bucks when posted to the site.

For additional job postings check these websites:    


Green Job Search

With the growing needs of the environment and the eminent future of green building, one might be interested in positions that are green related. If you are a jobseeker and would like to view jobs that are available or are an employer who has a green position to advertise on a "green" site, the Career Services Committee finds these website below as additional tools to aid your "greenness":    


For a current list of career fairs and expos in the Chicagoland area, please visit the following website:

Have a look at jobs posted on the BOMA website!

  • Go to
  • Under Library and Resources - Click on Online Job Bank
  • Click on the prompt titled Click here To IFMA only.
  • Enter Id - IFMA (ALL CAPS)
  • Enter Password - BOMA (ALL CAPS)

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