Find out how your peers have achieved success with the SFP


The only credential created for FMs, by FMs—the Sustainability Facility Professional™ will help you develop the skills you need to implement sustainability strategies that will significantly reduce costs and positively impact your organization’s triple bottom line. Read a first-hand account of your peers’ experiences in our newly posted SFP™ success stories; see excerpts below.

“The SFP taught me to look at projects through the eyes of the decision-makers. You’ve got to prove that sustainability makes sense, not only environmentally, but financially. The SFP program shows you the best way to present your case to the C-suite—from theory, to design, to implementation.” - Jay Drew, CFM, SFP

"As both an SFP and a LEED® Green Associate, I can tell you that I've found the SFP to be far more beneficial. If you want to reap sustainability savings—but don't necessarily want to deal with the paper work, points and records that come along with LEED—the SFP is for you." - William Broome, CFM, SFP, LEED Green Associate

“The SFP program provides very practical solutions that you can apply to your facilities immediately; but in my opinion, it’s just as valuable in your everyday life. Sustainability is where the world is headed, and the SFP is truly a life skill.” - John Marhong, C.E.T., SFP

Create your own sustainability success story—become an SFP!