Chicago Chapter of IFMA Helping Hands Fund

Mission: To provide a helping hand for Chicago IFMA members who are unable to maintain their annual IFMA membership due to recent job loss.  We recognize the importance of maintaining our relationship with our Chicago IFMA members when they need us the most.

Intent: The IFMA Chicago Helping Hand Fund will pay the annual IFMA National and Chicago dues for one year for any active member in good standings who is unable to pay their membership dues as a result of recent job loss.

Program:  As the name of this fund indicates this program is to provide a helping hand and not hand out.   We recognize the importance of maintaining a current IFMA membership is essential to seeking new employment.  For many who have lost their employment maintaining that membership can be challenging.

Participant's Role:  To ensure the success of this program we are asking for anyone receiving a "Helping Hand" to commit some time and support to the IFMA Chicago Chapter.  We are asking for the following:

  1. Maintain current role in Committee Member, Committee Chair or Executive Board Member role.

  2. If the participant does not have a current role we ask that they volunteer to be an active member of an IFMA Chicago Chapter committee. 

  3. Attend at least 75% of the Brainy Bites and the monthly Committee Member meetings within a 12 month period.

  4. If the participant finds employment within the 12 months free membership we ask that the participant  reimburse the chapter dues only to the  "Helping Hand" fund within the first 6 months of their new employment.  This will allow us to help others in need.

Who is Eligible:  Any current IFMA Chicago member who is in good standings and has lost their employment within the previous 12 months.  Members may only apply for this benefit for a maximum of 2 consecutive years.  A new application is required for the 2nd year consideration.

How to Apply: Online applications are currently offline.  However, you can download the Application Form here and email the completed document to [email protected] or deliver it to Admin staff at a meeting.

Approval Process:  All applications will be reviewed and approved by the Executive Board before dues payments will be processed.