Membership Fee Structure


The Chicago Chapter of IFMA is excited to provide to all members the opportunity to attend more programs and reduce the overall cost for membership and programs.  Our chapter’s mission is to advance the profession of Facilities Management and to support the professional growth and development of facilities managers in the Chicago land area.  We feel the membership bundling structure fee is an important program that will help to fulfill our mission goals. 

The bundling program began in July 2013.  An annual Chicago Chapter membership fee is $212 (plus the IFMA Global membership base fee of $219).  The annual chapter membership includes the fees for members to attend all EIGHT monthly programs at no additional fee.  This provides a savings to our members of $200.  Most importantly, the Chicago Chapter member receives the benefit of attending all 8 educational programs throughout the year without needing to pay another fee or submit additional expense reports.

We continue to seek opportunities to improve the value of membership and enhance the educational program experience for Chicago Chapter members.  We hope the bundling structure fee makes attending the Chicago Chapter events straightforward and hassle-free for our members.  If you have any questions about membership fees or have any suggestions on improving member benefits, please contact any of the Executive Board members.