IFMA Bucks


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Want to Earn Some IFMA Bucks?

The Chicago Chapter of IFMA has an incentive program designed to encourage participation and increase membership. The program enables you to accumulate IFMA BUCKS which are redeemable at the Annual Meeting.

The meeting features a BUCK-et auction where you use the BUCKS you have earned to be placed in a drawing on a variety of great donated prizes, such as hotel and dinner packages, furniture, sports tickets, gift cards and other fantastic gifts.

The program was created to encourage and reward you for taking part in all IFMA functions and to motivate you to bring new members to the Chicago Chapter.

How to Earn IFMA BUCKS:

Become a Member $10,000
Renew Your Membership $10,000
Refer a New FM Professional Member $20,000
Refer a New Associate  Member $10,000
Bring a Non-Member FM Professonal Guest to a Function $10,000
Earn Your CFM $25,000
Attend a Monthly Chapter Meeting $ 5,000
Attend a Chapter Educational Seminar $10,000
Attend a Chapter Social Event (e.g. Golf Outing) $ 5,000
Attend an Educational Offering by IFMA International $10,000
Attend World Workplace $20,000
Serve as a Chapter Officer $35,000
Serve as a Committee Co-Chair $30,000
Serve on a Committee $20,000
Serve on a Task Force $10,000
Participate in a Community Service Event $10,000
Speak at a Chapter Mtg., Program or Seminar $20,000
Participate in a Survey $ 5,000
Host a Chapter Function $20,000
Post a Job Opening on Chapter Internet Site $10,000
Refer a Company who posts a job opening on the Site $ 5,000
Note: Special awards of IFMA Bucks may be given by the president to recognize work on special assignments.

FM professional members:

Five for Five
Spend 5 minutes with an Associate Member learning about their service or product and earn $5,000 IFMA Bucks! ($100,000 Cap)

Bid Inclusion
Offer an Associate the opportunity to bid on one of your projects and earn $10,000 IFMA Bucks! ($100,000 Cap)

Professional Bonus Bucks*
Earn an additional $50,000 IFMA Bucks for attending 10 Chapter Events (excluding Annual Meeting).
* To be issued at Annual Meeting.

JOIN IN THE FUN:  "Rules & Regulations"

(1) The program is open to all IFMA Chicago members.

(2) Start earning Bucks August 1 each year for redemption at the following year's Annual Meeting.

(3) Notify the Administrator's Office  to receive your IFMA Bucks for meetings or events where they are not distributed.

(4) Lost IFMA Bucks are not replaceable.